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YOU Can Transform a Woman's Life $20,000 Matching Gift!

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You can create sustainable change for women like Eunice

In Bungoma County, Kenya, Eunice was delivering her third child when she developed a devastating fistula. She suffered continuous, uncontrollable incontinence and as a result was ostracized by her community. Deeply ashamed, she led a secluded life with her children.

You make it possible for our local partners to deliver life changing services to women like Eunice through transport out of isolation, free surgeries, and empowerment with small business training. You give hope and transform the lives of women in 5 African countries.

We are thrilled to announce that the Flahive Family Foundation has pledged a generous $20,000 Matching Gift. By making your gift by December 31st, you'll directly impact the lives of women like Eunice, helping them heal and empowering them to rewrite their stories.

“I lost hope of ever getting better.”

Eunice struggled with her condition for 3 long years. Then, she met fistula survivor Florence, who introduced her to Let’s End Fistula Initiative (LEFI), WFF’s Kenyan partner. She embarked on her journey of healing and recovery with the support of LEFI’s Cheptais Solidarity Group. Eunice regained her physical health and a renewed sense of purpose and hope. No longer alone, she had found a community of fistula survivors who understood her struggles and shared her dreams for a brighter future.

Eunice started saving money and opened a small business baking bread with encouragement from her Group. She used her LEFI Financial Skills Training to grow her “bakery” into a local eatery. Motivated by her success, Eunice took a small loan from her Solidarity Group to open a dry goods store and establish herself as the main supplier of beans in her community. Eunice was also able to purchase chickens, goats and some land for herself and her four children!

More women like Eunice need support to heal and earn income to start a new life. You will transform lives through surgery, social-economic reintegration, advocacy training and community prevention education.

DOUBLE Your Impact! Make your gift by December 31st

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