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YOU Hold the Power to Transform Lives

YES! I will make a life-changing gift to women suffering from childbirths injuries and restore a woman's dignity.

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You Hold the Power to Transform a Women's Life

Your gift will transform lives of women suffering with childbirth injuries through surgery, social-economic reintegration, prevention education, and advocacy training. Our local partners need your support to continue providing these desperately needed maternal care programs for women in Uganda, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Niger.

Your gift will transform lives of women like Agnes suffering with childbirth injuries. Agnes was only 14 years old when her parents offered her for marriage. She soon had 3 children and it was while delivering her 4th baby that her labor became obstructed and prolonged. Agnes' baby died and she suffered an obstetric fistula. Her husband and family rejected her.

“I lived for four years like a foreigner, yet my own father’s home was just a stone throw away…”

Five years passed before Agnes met Grace, a fistula survivor who connected her with Terrewode Women’s Community Hospital. Her fistula was closed and she was dry! Through TWCH’s Social Reintegration program, she received prevention education and vocational training. Her life was transformed. She is now able to support herself and her children. Agnes educates others on prevention and treatment awareness, as well as advocates for improved maternal and child health services.

You can create sustainable change for young women like Agnes who need support to heal, earn an income, and start a new life.

Give by mail: Make your check payable to Worldwide Fistula Fund
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